NIHL Rule Book

Article 6 - Suspension & Expulsion

6.1. Rules & Regulations shall be governed by the NIHL By-Laws and by these Rules & Regulations of NIHL. For any matters or issues not specifically covered by the Rules & Regulations of NIHL, then the Rules & Regulations of USA Hockey and AHAI shall apply.

6.2 In order to preserve so far as possible the purity of amateur hockey in NIHL, any recourse to the courts, or legal action by a member organization or individual against NIHL or any member organization before all rights of the NIHL By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations of this League shall have been exhausted, shall be deemed ungentlemanly conduct entailing the immediate suspension of any member organization or individual and further rendering the same liable to expulsion and/or other sanction by the Board of Directors.

6.3. Any violation of the By-Laws, or Rules & Regulations of NIHL or any conduct detrimental to hockey, either on or off the ice by any member organization or individual could render such member organization or individual liable to probation, suspension or expulsion by the Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Rules & Ethics Committee.

6.4. Abusive or threatening words or actions, on or off the ice, before, during or after a game, towards any officer, or game official, (including referees) shall be considered conduct detrimental to hockey and shall be grounds for the immediate suspension of any individual guilty of such action.